Cielo Networks Announces SkyLink CGX – The World’s First Commercial Microwave Radio Modem Designed Exclusively for Use in Extremely Low Latency Trading Network Applications

The successor to the market leading SkyLink CG microwave radio modem indoor unit (IDU), SkyLink CGX sets new benchmarks for extreme low latency transmission performance and integrated end to end network adaptive latency & circuit quality optimization.

Southlake, Texas (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

Cielo Networks, Inc., the world’s leading provider of ultra-low latency (ULL) optimized digital microwave solutions for trading network applications, today announced the launch of SkyLink CGX, the world’s fastest and most intelligent commercially available digital microwave radio modem indoor unit (IDU).  Unlike competing systems that are modified versions of conventional telecom market microwave radios, SkyLink CGX was designed solely for ULL microwave radio network requirements.  Whereas other systems are comprised of discrete non-adaptive components, SkyLink CGX adaptive firmware integrates fully with existing SkyLink microwave radio transceivers (ODUs) and the SkyLink Mercury IF nanosecond range repeater system.  It is also fully interoperable with Cielo Networks’ coming higher power transceivers and future SkyLink Mercury IF repeater system variants.

When deployed with Cielo Networks’ SkyLink Mercury IF repeater, the SkyLink CGX IDU can automatically switch between 3 low latency repeater site modes:

     1.    SkyLink Mercury bypass mode - repeater site latency less than 200 nanoseconds

     2.    SkyLink CGX IDU digital filter bypass mode – repeater site latency of ~ 1 microsecond

     3.    SkyLink CGX IDU digital regeneration mode – repeater site latency significantly lower than that of its predecessor SkyLink CG.

The SkyLink family of low latency solutions provides trading network operators unprecedented flexibility to dynamically balance end to end latency minimization with radio link performance based on quality of service parameter thresholds they choose.

Additional key SkyLink CGX system features include:

     •    Robust FPGA based modem optimized for lowest latency and maximum operational flexibility

     •    Improved latency performance for all Ethernet traffic

     •    Customizable high speed serial interface for lowest possible latency transmission of byte oriented user payloads

     •    Dual modems in a single compact chassis support two ODUs for efficient repeater site operation

     •    Wideband channel operation up to 80 MHz and up to 256QAM modulation low latency operation

     •    Data capacities > 300 Mbps supported

     •    Customizable FEC algorithms for efficient bit error correction with lowest latency impact, including No FEC options

     •    Internal digital filter with 1 microsecond repeater site latency

     •    4 x SFP optical interfaces supporting 2.5 Gbps modules for high speed network operation

     •    Automatic switching disabled mode; selected repeater sites can be locked in any of the 3 operating modes

     •    Multiple user traffic ports for independent “multi-channel” operation; allows trading network service providers to offer customers individual circuits

“Low latency microwave network performance requirements have increased as market competition has increased,” said CEO Gordon Moller. “Networks built with discrete, non-integrated and non-adaptive components from multiple vendors simply cannot match the low latency and QOS performance of a truly integrated and intelligent system.  The advent of the SkyLink CGX ULL microwave modem strengthens Cielo Networks’ position as the leading low latency microwave technology innovator.  Our unrivaled ongoing commitment to the trading network market insures that our customers will not only have the fastest and smartest ULL networks, but that they will enjoy superior long term value as well.”

Cielo Networks is a bronze level sponsor and will be speaking and exhibiting at The Trading Show 2013 at Chicago’s Downtown Marriott on June 24-25, 2013.

About Cielo Networks 
Founded in 2006 and based in the Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas area, Cielo Networks is a supplier of complete licensed band digital microwave radio solutions for US and international markets. Uniquely focused on the needs of trading market networks, Cielo Networks is widely recognized as the pioneer and world deployment leader in ultra-low latency (ULL) optimized digital microwave systems.

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